>North Beach, Aberystwyth

>Image © and courtesy of Theresa Jones
Theresa Jones & friends, North Beach by Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth, 6 Mar 2011
Image © and courtesy of Theresa Jones
Many thanks to Theresa Jones for this fine photograph of the rock face at Constitution Hill, North Beach, Aberystwyth, which featured in an image of a mounted print that Jeri Bass sent me and which I posted here on Photo-Sleuth in October 2008.

Image © and courtesy of Jeri Bass
Unidentified group on an outing, c.1890-1900
North Beach, Aberystwyth
Mounted print by E.R. Gyde of Aberystwyth
Image © and courtesy of Jeri Bass


~ by gluepot on Monday, March 7, 2011.

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  2. >Thank you Dawn – it's great to be back blogging again, and getting lots of feedback.

  3. >A fascinating comparison : and thanks also for sending me the link to the donkey-ride post.

  4. >A pleasure, Alan.

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