Fairground folk at the Wirksworth Tap Dressings (3)

Image © 2008 & courtesy of DigitalGlobe, Infoterra Ltd. & BlueSky
Wirksworth Town Center – Market Place, West End & St John’s Street
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The remaining two photographs of Brenda Pearson’s selection from Elizabeth Nowell-Usticke née Wright’s album were taken in West End, at the top of Market Place in Wirksworth.

Image 3 – Wirksworth West End 1886?
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This image shows three parked carts, or gigs (l), and a group of band members taking a break (k).

Image 3 – Wirksworth Tap Dressing West End 1886?
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The subject of the last image is one of the tap dressings that formed the centre of the festivities (m) – it may be the one which won the first prize …

With regard to the dressings, Mrs. John Cooke, of the West End, again suceeded in carrying off premier honours, being awarded the first prize of 10l. for an elaborate erection, of a much more pretentious character than any of the others.

… although the detailed description doesn’t quite match with what we can see in the photograph. Part of a parked gig (l) seen in the previous photograph is in the right foreground of this photo. A small group of people, one woman and a child sheltering under an umbrella, are looking at the tap dressing. Some children (n) are playing on the pavement in the left foreground.


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