Advertising by Photographers (2) James Watterson of Wirksworth

John Palmer recently sent me the following advert from a newspaper covering the Wirksworth District. He found it within a pile of Wirksworth-related documents sent to him by Herbert Brooks, whose ancestors farmed Dale Farm near Wirksworth for four generations.

Image © Herbert Brooks & courtesy of John Palmer
James Watterson took over the photographic business from his father shortly before this advertisement appeared in a newspaper in 1900. However, from this and an entry in a 1912 edition of Kelly’s trade directory, it appears that his primary occupation was as a musical instrument dealer.


~ by gluepot on Sunday, February 17, 2008.

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  2. >Thanks for your kind comments, niepce. I checked out your blog and found the articles about Capa and tintypes very interesting. Tintypes are my favourite photographic medium and I would like to learn more about the process. I’ve bookmarked your site too, and hope to read more in the future. Regards, Brett

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